May 8th 2012

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April 15th 2012

  • OSAF-TK RC2 Released
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March 8th 2012

  • 130 OSAF Toolkit Downloads so far!
  • Interview w/ International High Tech Crime Investigation Association(HTCIA) Here

February 12th 2012

  • Uploaded RC1 version of OSAF TK to Sourceforge
  • Available for download via "Download OSAF TK" button
Our goal with the Open Source Android Forensics project was to create a unified framework for Android Forensics, focusing primarily on malware within Android applications. Our approach to tackling this emerging field was three fold. First, the creation of an entirely open source compilation of forensics and malware analytics software in the form of our OSAF Toolkit. Second, our focus was to create a standardized process for using the Toolkit and a set of best practices for analyzing Android applications. Lastly, in order to bring our knowledge and findings to the community, we have created the OSAF Community website. This site will not only host our toolkit and documentation, but will provide a platform for the interested users to gather and collaborate on this fast paced, emerging field in mobile malware forensics.

April 17th 2012

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