Conversion of Relevant Android Files

  1. Open a Terminal and login as root typing "su root" and entering the password "forensics"
    1. Image
  2. Navigate to the appropriate directory through the terminal by typing "cd /home/osaf/Desktop/dex2jar-"
    1. When enough of the name is given, pressing tab in the terminal will auto-complete the rest of the file/directory name
    2. Image
  3. Convert the appropriate APK file by typing "./dex2jar.sh /home/osaf/Desktop/net.maxicom.android.snake_7937c1ab615de0e71632fe9d59a259cf.apk"
    1. Image
  4. If the process completed successfully, there should be a new file on the desktop. This file will have the same name as the original file with "_dex2jar.jar" appended at the end
  5. For Best Practice, move both the original APK and newly created JAR file into the Package folder of the TapSnakeCase folder. Your Package folder should now look like the below screenshot
    1. Image